Living room

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Living room

The Living Room

“In this living room, I imagine a cocktail event where guests are hosted with charm, elegance and glamour, in a comfy setting.”

The X-ray Sofa by La Chance, perfectly accomplishes my mission. Designer Alain Gilles has cut out the superfluous by creating the X-Ray. 

With its pure lines, quality leather, touch of originality, and colored structure, it makes for a truly scultural piece with a welcoming flair. To underline the elegance of the couch, I place the Tapigri Rug under the Borghese Coffee Table also by La Chance. 

The eccentric Madam Rubens Stools, next to a very comfortable Coogee Armchair will be the final touch. As per the colors, I would add the Salute Side Tables, designed by Sebastian Herkner from La Chance. The Tables bring a special chic and original atmosphere to the room. Alongside the sofa, the dog-shaped table by Ibride brings humor to the décor.

To entertain your guests with ultimate chic, you can play your music on the “Cube” by La Boite Concept, an elegant marble sound speaker.