DesignBest June 2016

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DesignBest June 2016

 A new concept store designed like the perfect Parisian apartment. It’s called L’appartement (apartment in French), except it’s not in Paris but in Wynwood, Miami, U.S.A. With its creative mix of furniture, accessories, lighting design and art, L’appartement is a striking example of French chic style. Without being pretentious, this store has a fresh casual vibe which brings together contemporary interior design and vintage pieces.  


Vertigo pedant lamp by Constance Guisset forPetite Friture and plate set by Sentou, Paris.

A large table in an area set up like the dining room of a real apartment. Above the table, Vertigo pedant lamp by Constance Guisset forPetite Friture and plate set by Sentou, Paris.


We are in the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida, a neighbourhood which during the past ten years has gone from being an industrial district filled with warehouses to the biggest street artist museum in the world. Regeneration began when local Primary Flights organization invited street artists from around the world to paint over the exteriors of existing buildings. From the first Wynwood Walls made available by Tony Goldman, a property developer and art enthusiast who owns a portion of the district, there has been a steady flow of regeneration projects: galleries of every sort, shops, bars and restaurants. Moreover, on occasion of the famous Art Basel Miami, besides art students who have now become regulars, crowds of enthusiasts and bystanders flock to see the area.


A mural by a street artist on one of the many warehouses in the Wynwood Art District, Miami.

A mural by a street artist on one of the many warehouses in the Wynwood Art District, Miami.


L’appartement is owned by Emmanuelle Bernard, who humbly describes herself as an interior designer, but who actually has a much wider knowledge of the arts world, which goes from photography to theatrical set design. Emmanuelle trained in France, her country of origin, which is also where most of the brands in her store come from, like Harto, La Chance, La Corbeille, Moustache, Petite Friture or Sentou, almost impossible to find elsewhere in Florida or in the rest of the U.S.A. 



Emmanuelle Bernard in her concept store in Wynwood, Miami. In the foreground, a living room scheme with X-Ray sofa by La Chance.


An outdoor living room scheme with Luxembourg armchairs in aluminium and Flying carpet by Fatboy, a polyester carpet suitable for outdoors and inspired by traditional Kilim rugs. Take note, you need an expert eye for this piece.

An outdoor dining room scheme, Luxembourg dining chairs.

An outdoor dining room scheme, Luxembourg dining chairs. Chairs available in 24 different colours, inspired by the vibrant outdoors.


With great enthusiasm, Emmanuelle carries on the mission statement she fixed on when starting L’appartement: to offer a glimpse into French culture or how the Americans phrase it “the French art de vivre”, but in such a way that you could easily mix it with your Miami way of life  or tropical chic flair to form a really personal style. Her vibrant mix of top designer brands and affordable pieces leaves just the right amount to customers’ imagination and creativity, just as she explains in the conclusion.


Hô bookcases by La Corbeille Editions and chairs Rosalie by Harto

Right hand-side, Hô bookcases by La Corbeille Editions which rest like ladders on the back wall. Left hand-side, a kitchen scheme with Rosalie chairs by Harto and flooring painted with a trompe l’oeil effect, where ceramic tiles are directly painted on a concrete floor.

home office table Honoré disegned by Pierre François Dubois for Harto

Left hand-side, a home office scheme with Honoré desk designed by Pierre François Dubois for Harto. Right hand-side, a living room scheme with Madam Rubens Long bench by Frank Willems for Soonsalon, String Light Cone head lamp by Flos and Lalinde coffee tables by Sentou.

Bear with built-in shelves by French brand Ibride

Bear with built-in shelves by French brand Ibride that during the last twenty years has been designing surreal pieces which awake our unconscious.

cute kids range by Ferm Living.

Naturally, there’s a child-friendly zone and here we have a really cute kids range by Ferm Living.


"All of my projects were guided by my passion to combine furniture, with photography and different kinds of artwork. This is how I decided to create L’appartement. I truly believe that art, whatever its shape or origin can be a magical translation of one’s imagination. Interior design is the perfect scene to perform one’s taste in art. Once it has found its place, it will always be the perfect trigger of surprise and joy, every day. So let’s transform your daily life into a glamorous and cozy home, which will sparkle with wellbeing and bliss. Welcome to L’appartement”. (E. Bernard)

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