Mimi'lou was created in 2005 by German native, Miriam Derville, who worked as artistic director for brands such as Givenchy, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Guerlain. She shares her passion for drawing with her children, and paints their stuffed animals on the walls of their room. Her children loved them and soon guests and their friends would ask for them. Soon, she realized that in order to share these special drawings with others, they could be made with tape. Mimi'lou was instantly born! Her designs and products are inspired by the fanciful kids-world full of poetry where you can read a book with your hippo, whisper a secret to your deer or take your butterfly out for a walk…associating emotions with nice design. Today Mimi'lou has expanded to making bags, lamps, cushions, stationery, and many other children’s products.

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