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Kaleido tray M


With its hexagon shape and its vibrant color, Kaleido M is a fascinating serving tray and conversation piece.

You can also stack the trays with others, offering various snacks in smaller and larger elements for a party of any size to enjoy.

Designer Clara Zweigbergk designed Kaleido, an innovative tray which flourishes through its many possible combinations. Numerous different colors and geometric shapes come together in these trays - evoking the impression of a kaleidoscope, always creating new color patterns.

  • Designer: Clara Zweigbergk
  • Brand: HAY
  • Material: Steel, powder-coated
  • Care: Clean with wrung cloth. Wipe dry after cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 13.25"L x 7.75"W
  • Sold per tray


Clara Von Zweigbergk is a graphic designer and art director from Stockholm, Sweden.  After time working in Milan, she returned to Sweden to set up her own design studio. Her work has received international recognition, and she has won a number of design awards. Von Zweigbergk’s work is characterized by simplicity, balance and an exceptionally good grasp of color.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews