• Paulette et Simone Alix Handbag
  • Paulette et Simone Alix Handbag
  • Paulette et Simone Alix Handbag
  • Paulette et Simone Alix Handbag

Paulette et Simone Alix Handbag

  • Paulette Et Simone Alix Handbag. 100% Italian Leather.
  • Brand: Paulette et Simone
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Paulette Et Simone is a handbag and clutch bag brand created by two designers, Pauline Simonin & Raphaëlle Protais , in 2014. Together they look for colorful fabrics with different textures, in order to turn a handbag, this everyday accessory, into something unique. They get their inspiration from ethnic, floral and graphic prints. Paulette & Simone choose linen and Jacquard fabrics carefully, paying attention to their quality and strength. Each collection is designed and hand-made in Paris, completed with meticulous finishes. Paulette et Simone are made to be functional and original

“Bag Care”: Dark leather bags might lose color the first weeks you will wear them. Waterproof your bag before wearing it and renew the waterproofing every three months. Keep your handbag away from the rain and humidity. However, if it does get wet, let it dry naturally, and rub it with a brush for suede. We recommend not wearing your dark leather bag with light colored clothes, a dye transfer might occur. Light colored leathers should not be in contact with dark leathers or any other fabrics that are likely to lose color.

MATERIALS: All Bags Are Natural leather

All leathers chosen by Paulette & Simone come from Italy and are natural. The little wrinkles you might see on their skin are perfectly normal. These marks and the potential different shades, are part leather's beauty and uniqueness