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About us

Designed to be the ideal image of an authentic Parisian apartment, L’appartement Concept Store offers an exclusive range of home decor, indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories, and art. Starting out in Wynwood, Miami’s Arts District, we now trade to designers and online throughout the US and Canada. Our mix-and-match collection takes rare statement pieces with modern design to form an eclectic and playful pair.

    Our initial focus for L’appartement was to curate an effortlessly refined space. Our store brings a mix of European brands to the surface of the U.S., giving all that we provide unique. From functional necessities to coveted and unique pieces, we’ve collected an authentic, modern, yet comfortable atmosphere for you to experience. Also blending in the Miami chic lifestyle, we’re here to start a conversation and a personal narrative for your space to thrive.

    “As an interior and set designer in France, my projects were always guided by my passion for furniture, photography, and art. I truly believe that art, whatever its shape or origin, can be a magical translation of one’s imagination. With a well designed space it can bring joy and delight to all its inhabitants every single day. Welcome to L’appartement.”
                        Owner and Designer
                        Design services available upon request